The Reasonable Cook – A Start-up to Myself

Well, here I go – my first foray into blogging. Scared? Yup. Self-conscious? Yup. Going to do it anyways? Yup!

This blog is my attempt to keep myself on track – to keep myself as close to that Reasonable Man as I can. By the time the last semester of law school is starting – which is where my life is right now – students have come to know the Reasonable Man. He’s a favorite of judges, a pillar of virtue, a logical mastermind, and keeps himself in the right place at the right time. Our whole legal system is based around the idea that this person exists, and that he is all of us. Any law student will tell you how elusive this man really is, however, and how we all scramble to find him and catch him, to steal some of his magic, every Finals season.

At this juncture of my life, I’ve never felt more Unreasonable. Not only has the Reasonable Man eluded my grasp, he’s slipping out of my line of sight. This blog, hopefully, will help me find my own Reasonableness through cooking. I started cooking during my second year of law school, as an escape from stress. My hobby quickly grew into a passion, now second only to my desire to pursue a career as a lawyer and to start a family with my wonderful husband.

My hope is that, by sharing my cooking adventures and other attempts at self-improvement, I can catch that Reasonable Man, and make him share his secret.


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